Age: 9+ / Time: 20 min. / Players: 2 - 6 / Price: 2,200 Yen

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Maskmen Figure Maskmen Figure

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You are a Pro Wrestling promoter! This year you must take care of some new wrestlers assigned to you. If they lose, your sponsors will be very upset...So you must win at any cost! This is the reason why, with upmost importance, you have to know the strength of your wrestlers. The problem is, all of your six wrestlers are total newcomers. How strong are they and in what order can you send them into the ring...? Get ready to rumble!!

All players try to get rid of their cards as fast as possible. This is how you can play out your cards:

(1) Play a wrestler card whose strength is still undetermined: To make sure your wrestler is stronger than the previous, add the number of cards played +1.

(2) When you have a wrestler card that is already known to be stronger than a previous played wrestler, play the same number of cards as the cards that were played last - not less, not more.

The determination of the wrestlers' strengths is the most important part in this game! When you get your cards, you don't know how strong the wrestlers are, but following option (1) you get to know the strength relation of the wrestlers one after another.

Depending on every player's cards, the complicated strength relations of the wrestlers are determined and you can experience the interesting gameplay of Maskmen.

Maskmen Figure

The game is designed by Jun Sasaki who also designed "In A Grove", "Kobayakawa" and "A Fake Artist Goes To New York" and Taiki Shinzawa, who is known of the game "Hikyou na Koumori" (Mean bats) and other games of the "Kentaiki Circle".

Maskmen Figure

48 beautifully designed cards, markers that show the strength of the different wrestlers, and little belts as rewards are included in Maskmen. Please take a look at the detailed graphic design.

The game is advertised as a game for players of the age 9 or above, but if adults take care of the strength markers younger children (6+) can play the game as well.

Watch this video for an easy explanation of the game ↓.

Maskmen Figure