Age: 9+ / Time: 20 min. / Players: 3 - 5 / Price: 2,200 Yen

This pattern is mine!


Rights Figure Rights Figure

Some fashion designers compete against each other to get the copyrights of the most famous traditional patterns. Each designer's goal is to get the monopoly and thus to make the big money! You are one of them and can try to get many copyrights at the the same time, but the more copyrights you try to get the higher is the risk of being forced to pay whoever gets the copyright in the end...! Think twice before you use a pattern carelessly!

"Rights" is the new game of Jun Sasaki, game designer of "In A Grove", "A Fake Artist Goes To New York", "Kobayakawa", "Deep Sea Adventure" etc.! The game includes cards of the six different patterns as well as wooden chips, that are used as money.

Rights Figure

You can either play a card or give it to the person next to you. In the end, the owner of the most cards of one pattern will get this pattern's copyright and receives money from everyone who used the pattern. Even if you got the rights of one pattern, if nobody else used it, you won't get any money. On the other hand, if many people fought for the same pattern and you win, you will be rich.

The more you fight for one pattern, the higher is the chance that you lose your money in the end. While playing the players will become boisterous or very cautious - it is a game full of emotion. The players will feel constraint, leeway and provocation just by seeing the cards the others play - Decisions have to be made!

We think that "Rights" is a tough game, where the players can have a lively discussion and where you really have to use your head! The game can be played in around 20 minutes!

You can always play a quick game of "Rights", but we recommend playing 4 rounds. You can sum up your scores in the end then and elect someone the most famous designer! If you play more than one round you will understand how luck can come and go, which will add a new facette to the game. Try it!

Rights Figure

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